Security Services is all about making our customers feel safe

Training in martial arts is necessary for staff escorting VIPs e.g. famous people, politicians, businessmen and other high society individuals. Each security guard who works at this risky section has received adequate training in martial arts and defensive tactics by professional, expert instructors. Qualified security guards constitute this separate section of our company and are totally capable to successfully complete any high-risk mission assigned to them.


Fire constitutes a permanent threat for each individual’s life and property. In order to deal with any dangerous fire incidents, our guards attend our Fire Safety Class, in which they receive lessons of exceptional importance in many ways. Always aiming at the protection of human life and property, all security guards of LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY, learn how to evacuate premises on fire and safely remove each individual from the building with determination and efficiency. Our company has professionals in fire safety and detection who create emergency plans for fire in tall buildings or any type of buildings, in addition to developing various prevention strategies, to avoid any risk and assure the safety of any individual or property.

LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY Company trains its staff with various programs and special seminars on first aid and unfortunate incidents. This is our way to ensure endless profitability and ability of all our guards in dealing with any mishaps arisen at work. A vital lesson that we teach to our guards, is CPR [cardiopulmonary]. This course enables our guards to take case of any emergency and save lives, wherever and whenever is necessary to do so. The first aid course concerns human life and we should all, without exception, attach particular attention to it. All of our security guards succeed their examinations and own the first aid certification.

Provision of First Aid   |   Emergency Circumstances   |   Cardiopulmonary Emergency issues   |   CPR for Adults & Children   |   Wounds and Bleeding Care   |   Joint, Bone and Muscles Injuries   |   Chocking   |   AED [defibrillators]