We continuously improve the quality of our safety services

We heavily invest in training our staff properly, we’ve managed to provide excellent services and give the best impression to our customers. We continuously improve the quality of our safety services, by recruiting and maintaining the most qualified and experienced security guards, who are professionally trained under the highest standards of excellence and integrity at any level! We have permanent security guards who are well trained and capable of operating properly in a wide range of situations at any time of the day or night 24hours 365 days throughout the year. We are strict in recruiting our personnel and we want to be sure that candidates have exceptional character and professionalism in order to do their best while working with us. They excel in all areas and aspects of security activities, by continuous training that includes: emergency, martial arts, defensive tactics, terrorism, fire security, first aid, several checks, risk management, technology, electronics etc.

We have Security Guards at the below areas:
Harbors   |   Airports   |   Hospitals  |   Schools  |   Factories  |   Universities  |   Special Events  |   Super Markets  |   Construction Sites  |   Hotels  |   Banks  |   Malls  |   Buildings – Corporate Offices  |   Radio Stations  |   Telecommunications

LEGENDS GUARDS also features Executive Protection. This is a specialized task, providing reliable and discreet security guards, with the mission to secure the safety of any client and their family, at any time in the national and international districts, even in high-risk areas. We have the most appropriate team consisting of qualified guards, who in cooperation with the client – family or business – are giving the best possible result that suits their needs. This section of our company was developed by skillful security guards, for any clients who are at high risk and seek for Executive Protection in order to cover their needs in all aspects and levels of security required in Cyprus and abroad. We own luxury cars for the client’s transportation, with well trained security chauffeurs, capable to prevent any threat and risk. We have the experience to handle specific situations that may arise towards public personalities, politicians, celebrities, businessmen and individuals and we are able to ensure the safety and well being of each client. Having many experts on Executive Protection, our company can assist you with modernized and organized mission both in Cyprus and abroad.

Business Activities   |   Receptions and Social Events   |   Cyprus or Abroad   |   Houses [Interior / Exterior]   |   Several Events

Executive Protection [bodyguards]   |   House Protection   |   Security Escorts   |   Security Chauffeurs

The recent global terrorism evolution, the concerns of the business community, the national and international policies, the modernization of technology, created a world where the need for protection has increased. LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY can provide well-trained guards also for Close protection! We have special units to handle these services in this section such as former police officers or military officers. We offer Executive protection for celebrities, politicians, businessmen, individuals etc. Before taking over the protection of each customer, the panel of our experts evaluates the risks, the needs, the human resources and the equipment in advance, to properly be prepared when the customer needs to move. We constitute a very well organized company, which employs experienced and qualified staff suitable for Close Protection, operating professionally long and short term missions throughout Cyprus. We communicate closely with each customer to fulfil their needs and requirements, in addition to being available for them 24hours 365days. We provide reliable and high-level security services to the maximum and ultimate extend, necessary in the risky missions of Close Protections.

LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY Patrol Cars with their preventive patrols in each customer premises eliminate criminal activity, vandalism burglars and other threats before they even begin. Patrol Cars are fully equipped to visit and inspect the client’s premises, to lock and unlock doors and check for any damages. Our Patrol Cars are capable of safeguarding long radius premises such as ports, airports, factories etc and perform a more throughout and quick scan. They also ensure the security guard’s protection or of the property guarded during the particular shift, in case of an emergency. Our Patrols allow each client a quiet night feeling that somewhere out there, there is a specialized person watching out for their property and safety. They are equipped with modern technology and the latest types of alarms, radios, spotlights, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, sound horns and much more. Having more than 3 years of experience, all our drivers are excellent at what they do, they own a first aid certificate and are licensed security guards with legal permits issued by the governmental bodies. They are all well trained and knowledgeable about the areas patrolled.

Checking exterior doors, windows entrances, automatic gates   |   Checking for safety hazards in the property   |   Locking and unlocking doors and entry ways at designated times   |   Checking on late night employees to ensure their safety   |   Prevention of Vandalisms and Theft   |   Track fire   |   Water Leaks – Power Failures   |   Response to Emergencies (Alarm)

LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY SERVICES employs the right people, in order to ensure the success of an event without problems and dangerous risks, guaranteeing the safety of all attendees. The last think any organizer and sponsor of an event wants, is things to get out of control! Our Company cooperates closely with the organizers and sponsors of each event in order to implement and schedule the perfect security plan. Our team is well trained to handle any situation that could affect the success of an event, using different security scenarios and preventative examinations to provide smart solutions and assure the safety of all attendees. In each event our qualified team has various security policies to follow in order to reduce the risks and ensure the safety of visitors, making your event a pleasant experience. Whether you have 100guests or 5.000, our company has professional guards, trained to deal with extreme situations, emergency issues, access control, crowd control and communication in order to carry out your event successfully.

Provision of Security Services for the bellow events:
Concerts   |   Sports   |   Receptions   |   Festivals   |   Corporate Parties   |   Political Meetings   |   Weddings-Engagements   |   Exhibitions   |   Openings of Department Stores   |   Communities   |   Competitions Fashion-Beauty Pageant   |   Christmas Celebrations in squares

LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY Company provides high level and complete security services for various premises. With excellent infrastructure, our company consists of skilled professional guards, who specialize in security issues for buildings, imposing the feeling of safety everywhere they work just through their uniformed presence.

Our company sets really high standards, targeting on continuously upgrading our security services for our customers and their needs. LEGEND GUARDS is also designing the security systems of each building. Supervising the surrounding radius of the building we guard, by controlling the entrance of any vehicle, merchandise, visitors and generally the whole interior of the building (offices, warehouses etc), we ensure safety and smooth functioning of the whole building.

Harbors   |   Airports   |   Hospitals   |   Banks   |    Multinational Companies   |   Factories   |   Construction Sites   |   Hotels   |   Schools   |   Theaters   |   Supermarkets   |   Museums   |   Malls – Department Stores

The owner of a business is more likely to be the main key holder. This can be a great responsibility and simultaneously a hassle and a risk, because the key holder should be always prepared for any possible alarm or emergency issue 24hours per day. It is not possible to know in advance what might occur and which situations you might be called to deal with (gas leak, flooding, fire, power failure or come face to face with a burglar)! This is a critical reason to lead you to hire a key holder company to assure yours, your employees and your business security.

LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY SERVICES can provide you with professional experts in key holding that will relieve you from the responsibility and the stress of responding to false alarms and emergencies 24hours per day and 365days per year. The excellence in services and assistance are key elements of our company.

Key-holding Services:
Alarm responding   |   Proper Reaction in Emergencies such as leaking gas, power failures, flooding etc   |   Mobile Patrols   |   Temporary Safekeeping   |   Locking & Unlocking the Building   |   Immediate Response to intruder alarm or fire alarm activation   |   Provide access if someone lost their card, forgot their password, robbed or locked outside the property   |   Access to Traders

We offer a complete and integrated solution to manage the traffic with patterned plans of the parking area and installation of special signals for the temporary event. During developing our plan, we are in continuous contact with all relevant managers of the event, in order to develop the most appropriate plan that will secure the parking area, the safety of vehicles and maintain a smooth traffic flow. All our security guards wear phosphorescent uniforms and carry special lights, to regulate the traffic even during the night time. We provide integrated solution to smoothly manage the traffic at your event throughout Cyprus 24hours per day 365days per year.
Our protection dog units are trained to search people, vehicles and buildings to safeguard your business premises, festival or event. The static dog units are an extremely high visual deterrent and can cut down on the man power needed in static guarding alone. Our security dogs are trained in article tracking, searching buildings, finding, locating and protecting the handler, making us the unbeatable team on any assignment. We also provide another team of security dogs especially trained for your assignments including Personal Protection, Rescue, Tobacco, Firearms, Cash, Illegal Immigrants and Cadaver. Our protection dogs are trained according to each customer requirements. This can be either a family protection dog, personal protection dog, property protection dog, or a security dog. When it comes to providing dog security services and protection, Legend Guards Security Services can provide you the solution.
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
CCTV is now a fundamental requirement in both crime prevention and detection. CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in commercial security systems that provide staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance. This approach provides the ultimate deterrent that is both visible and effective. The public demand for safer environments has created a need for ever more sophisticated surveillance systems and as such the developments in technology have greatly increased. As technology has evolved, CCTV is now used not only for security, but also as a management tool assisting health and safety, productivity and personnel management. All our remote monitoring systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world and by anyone who has the right security access rights, which gives you complete control, when you want it, where you want it.

Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements are, all our Individual systems such as CCTV, Access Control and Perimeter Systems can also be fully Integrated together into one easily managed integrated solution. This usually takes the form of a front end graphical interface with touch screen technology. LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY SERVICES has the expertise, experience and product knowledge to design a system specifically for your needs and invariably we have already designed systems for your business sector and can therefore advise you based on our knowledge of your business requirements.

Access Control
Access control provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site. Not only can these systems control where someone or something can access. Our systems can also control at what time of day or night someone can have access. An example of this would be, limiting the time when the cleaning staff have access to the building in the evening but not during office hours. The need to restrict access of visitors, suppliers or staff to or within buildings can be a very important tool when controlling your security. Access Control systems are an efficient way of monitoring and limiting/permitting movement across your premises. All systems installed, whether standard or bespoke, can be adapted around the mechanisms of your organisation. This will guarantee efficient management of all employees and most importantly, greatly improve safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.LEGENDS GUARDS SECURITY SERVICES is able to help you to secure your world.

Asset Tracking | Automated Gates | Door Entry Intercom | Car Parking Systems | Barriers and Turnstiles